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What do you think of the 5:35 Saturday start times?

Just reading about the Padres 2010 schedule and I saw this comment:

saturday games at 5:35, that doesnt create more options, it just means now if i want to eat/drink anything i have to get it at the ball park and pay for crappy overpriced food/beer

Meanwhile, I've gotta say that I love the idea of a 5:35 start time. As someone with a family that includes a young child, a 5:35 PM start time means that I actually have an outside chance of watching a whole game at the ballpark without ruining a bedtime for the kid.
Also, in terms of free parking, it's much much easier to find free parking downtown at 5:00PM than it is at 6:30PM.
Also, also, as a temporary East Coaster, being able to watch home games without staying up past midnight must seem like a godsend.
And finally, if I were in the mood to do something after the game, there's a good amount of evening left over including a late dinner if one were so inclined.
But that's just me. It seems like there are people who really dislike it and I'm curious as to what makes it unattractive. Honestly, Tom Garfinkel wants I want to know.