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GM Towers: "We're going to be okay next year."

XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • Towers on the Padres getting out of last place: "I'd be lying if I didn't say we had our eye on the Diamondbacks."  The Padres are trying to feel good about themselves going into the off season.
  • The Pads have played .500 or better if you take out June and July.  Towers personal goal was to win at least 70.  It looks like the Pads might win 73.  "We want to get back to winning divisions again."  The Padres have made a statement within the NL.
  • The players want to win as many games as they can.  "I assure you that clubhouse is about as good a clubhouse that I've been in, in a long time."  Different guys are contributing each game.  The Padres are finding out they are really liking a lot of their players.  The starting pitching is the biggest weakness going forward.  "We're going to be okay next year."
  • Towers thinks he has a grasp on his every day line up.  He likes the infield the way it is.  Kouz has established himself at third and had his best year from an RBI stand point.  Everth Cabrera hasn't missed an inning since he's been off the DL.  Eckstein does the little things right.  Adrian Gonzalez is having a career year.  Nick Hundley is getting better with the bat since the injury.  Will Venable has been the big bright spot this season.  Kyle Blanks was hitting well before the injury.  Tony Gwynn has been nice.
  • The Pads maybe need one more bat to improve the bench.  They are 2 or 3 pieces away to make it real interesting in 2010.
  • Venable is starting to establish power.  He has struggles vs. lefties.  He plays good center and right.  "The more he plays the better he's going to get."  Towers thinks there is untapped potential for Venable.  "He might be one of those Steve Finley types."
  • Kouzmanoff is day to day.  He'll be out at least a week.  It will give Chase Headley time at third base and Oscar Salazar playing time.
  • Towers absolutely thinks that if they judge Kevin Kouzmanoff strictly on defense than he deserves the Gold Glove.  The problem is that they tie offense to the award too.  "He's probably played as good of third base... since Ken Caminiti."  He's the best Towers has ever had that can handle the slow roller.  Cami didn't have great range.  
  • Towers wouldn't be surprised if the Rockies catch the Dodgers and win the NL West leaving the wild card to L.A. 
  • Towers thinks the playoffs in the NL will consist of the Cardinals, Phillies, Rockies and Dodgers.