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Padres Pitcher Chris Young is done for the season

Tom Krasovic reported last night that Chris Young is not expected to return this season.  Towers and the Padres don't want to rush him back.

Tom Krasovic's Blog:

"When there is no pain, I'll pitch," Young said. "I have been hopeful it would be at some point this year. I didn't expect this to linger like it has. But I can't control that. It's been more frustrating than last year. Last year, there was a set timetable. This is so indefinite and ambiguous. It's been frustrating."

Honestly I started to forget he was even on the team.  He's been on the DL since June 15th and been diagnosed with every shoulder ailment possible.

On 8/4 Bud Black said that surgery would be unlikely even though it sounds like it might help.

"Structurally, the rotator cuff looks good, the labrum looks good," Black said. "All of the things that you look for in the shoulder that you look for from a medical standpoint are in place."

"He's got some impingement, he's got some bursitis. I think if you go in there surgically, you can do some things to alleviate that."

Now the Padres have to continue to struggle to put a young team together without the key ingredient... YOUNG!

2009 - Chris Young 4-6 5.21 1.45 50 40

San Diego Padres Injuries


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Nick Hundley forearm 06/18/2009
Brian Giles knee 06/19/2009
Edgar Gonzalez concussion 07/19/2009

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Cha Seung Baek forearm 03/30/2009
Shawn Hill elbow 04/26/2009
Chris Young shoulder 06/15/2009
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