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Umpire Barksdale blows call at the plate

This umpire crew has been terrible this series. Ted Leitner on XX Sports Radio was saying that this is the worst umpiring he's ever seen.

Barksdale seemed to have a perfect view of Everth Cabrera sliding his hand across the plate, but some how called him out. Bob Scanlan on the Channel 4 Postgame thinks the only explanation is that he was watching the Mets catcher and saw Cabrera lift his hand over the catcher's shin guard and thought he missed the plate.

Bud Black was later ejected for the third time this season.

Does this make you wish that Major League Baseball would use Instant Replay? Not me. I think they should put barcodes on the players gloves, shoes and pants and then put a barcode reader on home plate. Then when the player slides across, he is rung up like your groceries at the super market. Put an apron on the umpire and a magazine rack on the third base line to complete the look.