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Dick Williams elected into the Padres Hall of Fame

The Padres inducted Dick Williams into their Hall of Fame and wouldn't you know it, Moorad and Garfinkel were there.  Those guys are everywhere.

"It is fitting that Dick Williams joins the Padres Hall of Fame during the 40th anniversary season," Padres CEO Jeff Moorad said in a statement. "While his impact on Major League Baseball was affirmed by his recent enshrinement into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, his impact in San Diego during the '80s, culminating in the Padres claiming their first NL Pennant in 1984, is an important period in franchise history."

Williams told reporters Saturday that he was flattered that Moorad and team president Tom Garfinkel approached him in Cooperstown last month to express their joy that Williams was coming to San Diego for Saturday's event.

"To have the owner [Moorad] personally call me, that never happened, not even when I went into Cooperstown," Williams said.

They didn't bother updating their Padres Hall of Fame website though.  They actually haven't touched it for a long time..

Here's what they say about Tony Gwynn:

He will be eligible for election to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2007.

I'm glad that Williams finally put all that trouble in Florida behind him and is now a proud member of our franchise Hall of Fame.