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Around the Mission: 8/8 Padres Links

A walk off grand slam might have been the shot in the arm we needed.  I still don't get how he hit that ball out, it looked like he slapped into an easy pop up.  If a swing like that can get a ball out of Petco then I'm not sure what's keeping any balls in the yard.

  • Cabrera, Padres slam Mets in the ninth
    "It was definitely one of my worst games, but ended up being one of my best games," said Cabrera

  • PADRES: Speedy Cabrera sends Padres walking off
    "There's some strength to his game," manager Bud Black said of Cabrera. "He's power-packed. We all like the fact that he's continued to grow. ... And that was a great at-bat against a premier closer."

  • Cabrera's slam has Padres walking off | News
    Everth Cabrera made up for a first-inning error that led to two runs scored with a walk-off grand slam in the bottom of the ninth, in a 6-2 victory over the Mets on Friday night.

  • Glamorous life in pro ball? Not if you're a baseball yo-yo
    "Being shuttled up and down and that uncertainty is difficult," Gwynn said. "The thing about life in general – forget about sports – is that you want stability. You want a job that you know is going to be there every day as long as you're doing what you're supposed to do. Because it's baseball, people forget it's more than a sport. At the end of the day, it's our job. Any time you have no stability, it's not a comfortable or pleasant thing to have to deal with."

  • Henderson Tribute
    "I have great memories of playing in San Diego," said Henderson, who played for nine different teams in his career. "I got the opportunity to play with Tony Gwynn," Henderson said. "That was a thrill for me. San Diego welcomed me and always made me feel like I was home."

  • PADRES NOTEBOOK: It's getting late for Latos
    "I'm trying to not worry about the whole thing of me being on limited time with innings," Latos said. "They're watching my career. They're not out trying to hurt me. They're trying to save me. I'm literally in my first full season. ... It helps knowing they're looking forward to more of the future than they are right now.

  • Latos gets a lot of support from Padres | News
    Mat Latos has received uncharacteristic run support from the scoring-starved Padres, and the rookie phenom has responded with three stellar starts for victories.

  • Chrissy's Outfit of the Day - KSWB
    What is that she's posing with?