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Game Thread: 8/7, Friars vs. Mets

Answered some questions for the Mets blog The Daily Stache. I wish I was funnier in the answers, I always think of stuff after the fact.

Is it just me or does it feel like Correia pitches every other day? I've watched him pitch many times, but I still get the feeling that he could walk right by me stand in front of me in full uniform on the mound, waving, with his name on his jersey and I still wouldn't recognize him. Maybe that's saying something about my memory more than his ordinary good looks. He should be a bank robber, nobody could describe him to police.

Jonny Dub wanted to go to the game tonight, but I don't really feel like it. My Padres mojo is runnin' low. I need a shot in the arm to get me through the rest of this season.

Go Padres!


How's your Padres mojo doing?

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