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Around the Mission: 8/7 Padres Links

  • insidethepadres
    "I wish Padres chairman John Moores and CEO Jeff Moorad had been at Jack Murphy Stadium last night." No not to suck the fun out of a Chargers practice, but to see that San Diego fans can get excited about their sports teams.

  • Who's your Padre?: Manager Bud Black gets his extension ...
    Wow Bud Black got extensions! Can't wait to see pictures of his new hair. I'm picturing long cascading blonde hair flowing over his shoulders.

  • Black Is Back
    This is why I can't listen to a Bud Black interview: "But his early appearances at postgame press conferences were stilted to the point of pain. Never wanting to say one thing that could be construed as critical, Black would pause 20 seconds and pick out his words more carefully then a Supreme Court nominee."

  • Padres' future written in Black ink
    "The young guys like him," Towers continued. "They respect Buddy and play hard for him. And Bud handles himself well. He's bright. He's open to new ideas. I've never seen Buddy have a bad day. "Jeff really likes Buddy a lot. Jeff is the guy who said 'let's get this done.' Personally, I think this has been Buddy's best year. He's done a nice job working with what he's had to work with. "I'm excited. I might be totally wrong, but this rebuilding process won't take as long as we thought." "I'm flattered," Black said of the extension. "And I'm excited to be part of what is going on."

  • PADRES: Black will be back in 2010
    Reading Adrian Gonzalez quotes talking about Buddy Black is the perfect storm of boredom. "He's a quality guy that we all enjoy playing for and I'm glad he got the extension," Gonzalez said. "He keeps everything loose and just lets us go out there and play. Especially for young guys that's very important because if you've got a guy getting in your face all the time, or something like that, it makes the guys put their tail under their back and doesn't let them perform to the best of their abilities."

  • Gonzalez brothers return to their roots | News
    I always get the feeling that the Gonzali love Mexico more then the ol' US of A.

  • It Might Be Dangerous... You Go First: Quick Hits - Minor League Version
    I wish DePo would write more about the Major League club.

  • Just call it a bad streak
    "I don't necessarily think you have to bite your tongue," Headley said. "You can definitely say what you need to say. Just be respectful about it. The other day I said, 'Man, I don't think you got that one right.' I didn't swear. I had a couple words with him and walked off. I didn't let it fester."

  • PADRES NOTES: Yankees obtain Gaudin for future considerations
    "I'm in a good situation going to New York and I'm in first place," Gaudin said.

  • Padres deal righty Gaudin to Yankees | News
    "I'm excited to go to New York," he said. "I love to win and that's what they do."

  • Bats help Richard win first with Padres | News
    "The stuff was still good in the sixth, the velocity was fine," Black said. "I sensed that he was trying to be too fine. I don't think he was tired." Good analysis, get this man hair extensions!