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Steps 43a-k of The Plan: More robots playing baseball

Some have criticized me and jbox for not getting more hard hitting information out of Tom Garfinkel and Mr. Jeff Moorad. Well here's the thing. We got more than you could ever hope to even understand.

We saw The Plan. We saw it on a series of whiteboards and laid out in binders. It was amazing. It glowed.

We didn't understand it so good. And when Garfinkel explained it to us, he kept telling us how we couldn't tell anybody about it and we nodded dumbly. But now that people be calling us out, I'm inclined to go back on my word and actually spell out some steps of the plan. Here's one in particular: Robots playing baseball.

That's right. Khalil was only the beginning. I don't care if this puts us out of grace with the front office. Padres fans need to know. They're going to put more robots on the field.

Your mind has been blown.