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iPhone App idea for Petco Park

Here's an idea for an iPhone app to be used in the ballpark. It's gonna revolutionize being at the ballpark.

First, watch this video:

Now, picture this... You show up at the game. You have this app downloaded. You activate it for your seat and suddenly it projects arrows on the quickest way to your seats from wherever you're at within the ballpark. Get close to the seats and pointing the camera at your section actually highlights the row that you're in and your block of seats.

When you get up to go to the bathroom, push a button and it highlights the nearest one. Maybe we even set up pee-pee sensors in the toilets so you can be directed to the bathroom with no line. You want a five for five? This thing sends you to the proper stall.

I'm thinking you could even augment game data with something like this. Point it at the field and it gives you a 3D rendering of Adrian Gonzalez's last home run or the ball path for the last AB.

Point it at the outfield wall and Shamu appears. How rad would that be?