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Tom Garfinkel vs Gaslamp Ball!

That's more of an attention grabbing headline than anything. We're not going to do battle, OR ARE WE!?!

No. Actually we're not.

Tom Garfinkel, President of the Padres, has invited jbox and me to be his guests at tonight's game. We'll find out more about each other. What makes us who we are. Maybe some insights into The Plan. Various breakfast spots in and around town that maybe serve lunch for breakfast instead of the other way around.

I'm thinking that there's a good chance that there will be awkward silences here and there as we try to remember the names of different players or  ponder whether or not to needle the president by referring to our hot dogs as Friar Franks. So if you'd like some questions answered or topics addressed, please feel free to comment them here or tweet them to us. We don't have a fancy schmancy Twitter application, so you'll just have to direct message them to us as in 'd gaslampball'.

Are you nervous? Me too! me too!