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Here's what I'm thinking about while waiting for this Little League game to start

I've been watching ESPN for hours waiting for the Chula Vista, CA vs. San Antonio, TX Little League game to start.  As soon as the field starts to dry out, the rain comes again.  I'm so sick of that short little kid from the Hannah Montana Show, child actors are so personable and annoying.  Now they are saying the game won't start until after 3pm PST.

You know what I think MLB should adopt from the Little League World Series?  They should have little stats on the TV screen about the players when they are taking an at bat, just like the kids.  "Favorite Food: Spaghetti."   Wouldn't that be fun?  You could have them list their favorite strip club, best excuse to cheat on their wives, favorite alcoholic beverage, etc.

I was watching Seinfeld last night, the first episode where Jerry recorded the Mets game and when someone calls him instead of saying "hello", he says "Don't say anything about the outcome of the Mets game, I recorded it!"  Something like that anyway.  I record a lot of Padres games on the ol' DVR, but I've found that I have zero patience.  I start off thinking that I'll watch the entire game and only fast forward through commercials.  Then I start fast forwarding through batters stepping out of the box, then until I see a player get a hit.  From there I fast forward until I see a run score and then rewind to see what happened.  In the end I don't end up watching much of the game.  Does anybody have the ability to watch the whole game knowing that you can skip ahead?  It's too tempting to me.

I still don't like this kid from Hannah Montana.