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What Did Jerry Coleman Do Today?

I was driving today and listening to the game on XX Sports Radio. I just happened to tune in at the time when Ted Leitner was explaining to Andy Masur why he stopped asking Jerry Coleman "What'd you do today Jerry?"

Apparently some Padres Executive didn't get it, didn't like it and apparently had made it known that Ted should stop asking the question.

The answers were often times more entertaining than the game and gave us just another reason to love Jerry.

It's frustrating to hear about out of touch Executives. It's like Dick Rowe of Decca Records in 1962 famously choosing not to sign the Beatles because he didn't like their sound saying "groups with guitars are on the way out." They can't hear greatness when it's right in front of them.

You may remember that a long time ago, in March or 2005, Dex created another blog What Did Jerry Coleman Do Today? Let's just say it was... a sensation.

The blog was mentioned on the radio and I believe even shared with Teddy himself. Men wished that they were as good looking as the blog and women threw their underwear at it.

But like most, its quick success was also the beginning of its demise, it lived fast and died young. Ted stopped asking the question as frequently, Dex found less and less time to scour MLB radio for the question and at some point forgot the password to the blog. Not only that but he forgot which email address he used to sign up for the blog.

Fortunately the fat cat Executive that put an end to our joy is no longer with the Padres and Ted says he is going to start asking Jerry again, because he's gotten such great feedback from fans.

Now as you go back and read those old entries in the blog, you're probably thinking that now is the perfect time to again record these great Jerry Coleman moments for posterity. More importantly you're wondering how you can help.

You can help. When you hear Ted ask the famous question, put it in a FanShot and tag it WDJCDT. The format should be as such:

He felt this thing in his pocket

He walked to the ballpark. He felt this thing in his pocket.It was his hotel key. He forgot to check out.

He ate at Cheesecake Factory and therefore was "full of cheese" when he got to the park.

Ted historically asked the question during the 7th inning so keep your ears open for those magic words and report back your findings.