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Open Thread: Suggestion Box (Giveaways and Locations of JBox's whereabouts)

I dunno what happened to jbox. Should we send out a search party? Maybe he quit the blog.

In any case, let's think of something to do, like together, as a group. My suggestion: Suggestions!

Here's what I'm figuring. I haven't seen a finalized list of giveaways for next season's giveaway games. Let's come up with some and vote for our favorites via Recs. Because they're graded by Recs, put multiple suggestions in multiple comments.

We know Garfinkel is bringing back bobblehead dolls. I'd like to see bobbleheads of not just players, but announcers, ushers, etcetera etcetera.

If you want other things to suggest, suggest places where we can start looking for jbox.