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Padres lose to Cardinals 5-2, Albert Pujols gets super mad

I think someone forgot to tell the Padres hitters that John Smoltz is real old. Taking nothing away from the guy, but he's old. Then again, it's the Padres and they're young and prone to being super impressed by old people.

I'm going to guess that if we had Kyle Blanks aka 8-Train out there today, we would've won the game, but that might be a bad guess.

There was a bit of a kerfuffle today where Albert Pujols, apparently mad that he hadn't physically assaulted any of our players lately, decided to try to fight Will Venable. Bud Black responded by breaking Kyle Blanks' foot. That's a humorous reference to when Bud Black took Milton Bradley out when Bradley got all fired up that one time. Chortle.

Did anything else happen? Probably not.

[UPDATE] Here's the video of Pujols getting all mad at Will Venable for having the audacity to kinda slide his shoulder to the side while running.