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Ted Leitner celebrates 30 years behind the microphone

Nobody does it better   via <a href=""></a>
Nobody does it better via

Ted Leitner the Survivor has been broadcasting San Diego Padres baseball for 30 years.

How much do you think they had to edit down this interview? Ted Leitner has the gift for gab, so I bet he went on and on. Jay Posner was probably begging him to keep the answers short "Hey Ted, my fingers are getting tired from typing your blathering"

Are there moments that stand out?

Obviously '98 is the big one. And '96, too. That last series in L.A. was unbelievable. I understand the drama wasn't there because the loser had the wild card but for a baseball team that's not winning a championship every year, that was huge. To me, either way would have been fine, but 2½ (games) back and win three straight, it was just unbelievable. That, and the entire season in '96, from the first weekend. There was a Sunday game in Houston in the Astrodome at the end of the first week and they (Padres) rested like four guys and played reserves and beat the Astros something like 18-4 (actually 17-2). I thought, ‘Wow, this might really be something.’

We here at Gaslamp Ball want Ted Leitner to win the Ford C. Frick award, we are those kind of fans.

Why isn't he at least in the Padres Hall of Fame yet? This would be as good a time as any. Somebody with the Padres needs to make this happen ASAP.

In any case, Ted is being honored tonight and the ceremony will be aired on XX1090 before the game.

I personally love Uncle Teddy. Padres baseball wouldn't be the same without him. Love that guy! A San Diego institution! The voice of the franchise!

If you're going to the game tonight print out this mask from the 80's and wear it during the ceremony: