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Can you name the Top 10 home runs in Padres history according to Padres Magazine?



I was waiting in my car for about a half hour yesterday and was a little bored.  I looked around my car and saw a Padres Magazine under my passenger seat.  When we were hangin' with Tom Garfinkel I asked if we could grab one since they were all over the Padres offices.  I've always wanted to take a look at one but never wanted to spend $5.  It's actually a pretty good read, much better than I expected.

I was reading the "A Gwynn Gwynn Situation" highlighted on Friar John's Blog a few weeks ago.  Tom Krasovic has a nice long article about the relationship between HoF'er Tony Gwynn and Anthony Gwynn Jr. 

The reason I bring this up is because they have a list of the Top 40 home runs in Padres history.  Forty because this is the Padres 40th anniversary.

I would have only been able to name like two of those in the top 10.  You think you can name any of the Top 10 home runs?  Guess in the comments.  Don't cheat if you have the magazine.

Answers after the jump.

  1. Steve Garvey's 1984 Game 4 HR in the NLCS
  2. Tony Gwynn's World Series HR off of David Wells in Yankee Stadium
  3. Nate Colbert hits 5th home run in a doubleheader
  4. Kurt Bevacqua's World Series 3 run blast in Game 3 1984
  5. Rickey Henderson slides into home plate after HR broke MLB career runs record
  6. Greg Vaughn's 50th home run of 1998
  7. Ed Spiezio hits the first Padres HR in history in 1969
  8. Wynne-Gwynn-Kruk the first back-to-back-to-back home runs leading off a game in MLB history
  9. Kevin McReynolds' 3 Run HR in Game 3 of 1984 NLCS
  10. Adrian Gonzalez hits longest HR in Petco Park History in 2009