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Padres lose to the Cubs 7-1, Gaslamp Ball Tweetup a success

We got so excited by the Padres little spell of winning that we decided to go to the game last night. The whole Gaslamp Ball crew was there including Kev and Jonny Dub.

Arriving at the ballpark was exciting. JBox spotted Tré Cool of Green Day running into one of the offices. Tré was there to throw out the first pitch. JBox waved and was like, "Tré lemme get a photo!" And Tré agreed to it, but, in his haste, JBox didn't set his digital camera right and handed it to one of Tré's entourage who pushed the button, which started a video.

The video shows JBox and Tré standing for about a second with their photo smiles before the dude with the camera says, "It's on record, dumbass." That's a major league memory fo' sho'.

We also got to meet crazy_charisma and her friend Michael in a semi-impromptu Tweetup. We found that she and her friends don't even read the blog and only know us exclusively through Twitter. Twitter be like magic. Charisma apparently knows a bunch of people associated with the Padres.

The awkward silences were not as bad with Charisma, partly because she be crazy and partly because some middle school kids were jumping around near us on the Park in the Park hill. One of the kids somehow managed to break his ankle or something and they had to bring out th stretcher and paramedics and all kinds of stuff. Exciting!

The Padres lost, which was a bummer.