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Game Thread: 8/2, Padres vs. Brewers

Are the Padres really going to win 6 games in a row today? How do you play so terribly for a month and then rattle off 5 wins in a row? I suspect it has something to do with David "the heart of the team" Eckstein.

Go Padres!


Milwaukee Brewers @ San Diego Padres

08/02/09 1:05 PM PDT

Milwaukee Brewers San Diego Padres
Felipe Lopez - 2B Tony Gwynn - CF
Craig Counsell - SS Everth Cabrera - SS
Ryan Braun - LF Adrian Gonzalez - 1B
Prince Fielder - 1B Kevin Kouzmanoff - 3B
Casey McGehee - 3B Chase Headley - LF
Mike Cameron - CF Will Venable - RF
Frank Catalanotto - RF Henry Blanco - C
Jason Kendall - C Luis Rodriguez - 2B
Carlos Villanueva - P Kevin Correia - P