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GM Towers talks Padres

XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • Towers thinks Moorad has been great to work with.  He put his focus on the amatuer draft.  They identified and targeted Donovan Tate in April.
  • A high school player is moving quickly through the system if he moves one level a year.  That would mean 4 years until the Majors.
  • Gayton and Grady did the majority of the negotiations with Boras.  Towers stayed in the background.
  • Towers thinks that the new Batting Coach, the Peavy trade, the extension to Bud Black and the young guys getting consistent playing time has helped the team be successful.
  • "I think the town is even starting to rally around these guys."
  • This is the best baseball that Towers has watched in the last two years.
  • Good things happen everywhere David Eckstein goes.  He does it all.  He's the perfect veteran to have around a young players.  He's been mentoring players on and off the field.  He enjoys his time in Southern California and his lovely wife is close in Hollywood.
  • The Padres drafted Kyle Blanks in the 42nd round, but didn't sign him right away.  "I'm not surprised he hit an in the parker, he wouldn't be my last choice."
  • Gregg Olson is the new Padres Advance Scout.  Moorad asked Towers to talk to Olson.  They picked him up before Interleague play.