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Padres beat the Cubs 6-3, Kyle Blanks with an inside-the-park HR

Several Padres had good games tonight. Everth Cabrera had a triple and a single. Adrian Gonzalez got himself another home run. Koumanoff got a few hits. Cesar Carrillo even looked a little bit like a big leaguer when he wasn't looking like something other than a big leaguer.

But the highlight of all highlights was Kyle Blanks' inside-the-park, 2 run, home run.

There I was. Sitting on my couch. Thinking about how gay everybody was acting in the Open Thread. When Kyle Blanks' almost home run bounced off the top of the wall and into center field and I figured, "oh this double is gonna be a triple". And then - joy of joys - excitement could be heard in Neely's voice and before I knew it. all of the not-so-veiled insults that had been expressed on my own blog about me on my birthday about how terrible a blogger I am, all of that was brushed away.

Kyle Blanks had hit an inside-the-park home run.

This, no joke, is what came to mind as I watched Blanks come around the bases. I place it here now so you can relive what happened in my head:

P.S. How can something that big move that fast? Kyle Blanks is like Galactus.