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Padres win 4-1 on Kyle Blanks' 3 run walkoff shot

If you missed this game, all you really need to know is that the Padres were down by one in the ninth and Kyle Blanks put one well out of the ballpark to drive in three runs and win the game and send Cubs fans back to their hotels and their North County homes in a state of depression. That kinda overshadows the fact that Chase Headley came through to tie the game up in the ninth.

Actually, I take it back. You should know that Ted Lilly pitched really well. He had some movement on the ball that didn't look like anything real. On the flip side, Kevin Correia would find himself in trouble and find himself out of trouble. Heath Bell held it down. Kevin Gregg could not.

All on a day that Donovan Tate signs with the Padres to begin his professional baseball career. 

P.S. What was Lou Pinella doing wandering outside the dugout?

P.P.S. If I got hit with a shaving cream pie, I think I'd take the opportunity to have a nice shave.