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Heath Bell blows the save, Padres lose in the ninth

So, by now you know that it does no good when I guarantee a win. You've exposed my sham to the world and you've rubbed my face in it. Haces la vida.

Watching the Cardinals today, do you ever get the feeling that Tony La Russa and his Cardinals want to win every single game? I know that Cardinals fans watching them play every day probably would say that he does random "day off" lineups all the time and that the Cardinals probably mail it in sometimes, but it sure doesn't look like it to me.

Why didn't they just give up at the rain delay or when Heath Bell came in? Wouldn't it have been easier that way?

In good news, Adrian Gonzalez had another monster game. What if each team only had to have to have five people in the lineup? That would make for some fun baseball.

In other news, I'm so sick of Yadier Molina and Albert Pujols. Just counting down the days for one of them to get tested positive for roids or something.

Bitter much? Only when I watch the Padres.