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Gaslamp Ball Dream Diary

Remember how in the past I've said that the two most boring things that a person can talk about are their fantasy teams and their dreams?  Get ready to be bored.

Last night I was watching a Padres game in right field of Qualcomm Stadium.  The Padres won and John Moores and I jumped out of the stands in right field into the ballpark which was now filled with deep water.  We swam all the way over to the visitor's dugout and climbed out of the water where the opposing team looked at us in disgust. 

Suddenly Moores and I are in a huge gym and he's giving me a tour and showing me a new exercise that involves grappling hooks.  He's trying to explain it to me and I keep pointing and telling him that someone is actually doing the exercise behind him, but he refuses to look and insists on explaining it anyway.

He then gives me two free passes to a gym that he goes to in San Francisco, in case I'm ever in town.

What do you think this means?