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San Diego beats Milwaukee 6-5, game recaps continue

I wonder how often SB Nation will check in on us to see if we're still doing game recaps. I'm figuring we just keep at it until something falls off.

So the Padres won again. The Mashin' Macedonian, Kevin Kouzmanoff, went 3-4 with a couple of RBIs. RBI is a meaningless stat and one game is a small sample size, so even though Kevin Kouzmanoff is awesome, you can use those statistics to come to the conclusion that he sucks if you want. Hater.

Mike Adams doesn't seem to want to give up any runs. This game carried his current streak with no runs allowed into another day. His current streak started on June 19th and just keeps on going.

Is it just me or does Nick Hundley have some trouble with attraper la balle? I want to be discrete, which is why I used la langue française, instead of good old American in that last sentence. But seriously, hang onto the tough ones every now and then.

Trevor Hoffman still looks like a young man, doesn't he? If you put him and Heath Bell side by side, who would you guess is the elder? One dude's like 50 and still looks amaze with his shirt off. The other dude relies on a Wii Fit regiment. Just saying.

Ooh! Far and Away is on Encore Westerns right now. I'm gonna watch this. 

"Just say... ye like... me hat."

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