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Who really came up with Breakfast Town, USA?

As time passes between the present and our evening with Tom Garfinkel, I find myself getting more and more hazy in regards to what we were allowed to talk to and what was off the record. One of the things Garfinkel mentioned was how he came up with Breakfast Town, U.S.A. I'm pretty sure it's OK that I tell the story, but if not, prepare for retribution from on high.

Anyways, the story. Who knows if I remember it right anyways...

We were sitting behind home plate and JBox had ribbed Mr. Garfinkel for what must have been the dozenth time about the Breakfast Town thing. Garfinkel finally looked at us and said, "You know how I got that Breakfast Town thing?"

"How'd you get it?"

Garfinkel leaned in close like he didn't want people nearby to hear. "I was at a function and meeting some different people. I got to talking to Rolf Benrischke and he said to me, 'You oughta do something with breakfast. This is a breakfast town you know.' I looked at him and told him that he was like the fourth person to tell that to me and Benirschke said it's cause it was true."

"So wait. That's it?" we asked.

"Yep," Garfinkel said. "Rolf Benirschke."

"The kicker from the 1980s."


"The guy who had the bowel thing who does all the blood drives?"


Well of course he would say the place is a breakfast town. All he ever does is blood drives. As far as he's concerned, you're only worth meeting if you've eaten breakfast, you're not afraid of needles and you weigh at least 110 pounds. San Diego may just as easily be Enjoys Eating Cookies and Drinking Small Cups of Orange Juice Town to a guy like Rolf Benirschke.

The moral of the story: A unit of donated blood may be used to save up to three lives. So go eat breakfast and donate.