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Padres win 13-6, Adrian gets 6 hits, Clayton continues his charmed life

We got scolded by SB Nation for not putting up regular game recaps. I was a little defensive like, "Do you know who we are!? We don't do game recaps! We don't even watch the games!" But then I realized that would be a weird thing to admit to, so I didn't say anything at all.

So here's a game recap.

The Padres went to Milwaukee and got 22 hits. That's the most they've gotten all year. Only 5 other teams prior to today had 22 hits this season in a single game and Houston is the only other NL team to have done it and they did it in Colorado. (The other four were Oakland, Cleveland, Boston and the White Sox).

Interestingly, this will make three out of the last three years that the Padres managed a 22 hit game. Last year they did it in Philadelphia and the year before they did it in Colorado. The Padres like to go to other parks to do amazing things. It's because they hate us.

The Padres have only done better than 22 hits twice in their history. Once, they got 24 hits against Atlanta in '03 (another bad season) and they got 24 against the Giants in 1982. That's just before they got mad as hell.

Adrian Gonzalez recorded 6 hits in the game. Three other Padres have done that before. Tony Gwynn who recently had stomach surgery, Gene Richards in '77 and Joe Lefebvre in 1982. I don't know if Joe is related to Jim. When Richards and Lefebvre got their 6 hits in a game, it happened during losses, so they probably didn't go out and drink to celebrate, much in the same way that Adrian won't go out to drink to celebrate, but rather smile contentedly and quietly to himself while silently saying a prayer of thanks that nobody got hurt during the game.

Clayton Richard "the Lionheart" got the win and improved to 2-0. He's so much more legit than Jake Peaver or whatever that redneck's name was. If you don't know, you better ask somebody.

Today, Elliott pee-peed in his potty for the first time.