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Random Thoughts somewhat related to the Padres

  • Here's an idea.  Maybe the Padres should sell solo tickets to games in a certain section.  If you're like me and you don't have any friends or you just don't have any friends that enjoy going to Padres games regularly, it might be nice to sit in a section with a bunch of other people in the same predicament.  I usually end up going to about two games a year solo and don't get me wrong it's fun being able to eat Jalapeno Handshakes to my hearts content without embarrassing the people I'm with, but it might be even more fun to enjoy them with other people with no friends.  The more I think about it, the more I think I wouldn't want to sit next to people anything like me.
  • You've probably seen the pictures and story behind Josh Hamilton's night out on the town on (Kinda NSFW).  After the initial feelings of being bummed that he let his sobriety slip and feeling bad for him and his family, I thought something else.  Isn't it a little weird that probably a good portion of guys are trying to have a night out like this one while baseball players like Josh Hamilton have to really, really try hard not to let it happen?
  • You know how you occasionally get a Padres shirt or any shirt for that matter that has a date on them?  Like "2005 NL West Champions" or even just a shirt that is clearly from a certain time.  How long is it okay to wear a dated shirt without getting really self conscious about people thinking you're wearing an old t-shirt?  I'm thinking two years.  Like right now I could wear a 2008 or a 2009 shirt, I'd feel like people would be judging me if I wore anything older.  Yet I have undated t-shirts from probably 4 years ago that I'm okay with wearing.  Here's another question:  At what point does that dated shirt become retro enough where you can wear it again proudly?  Like I saw somebody at the last game wearing the 1998 NL Champs t-shirt with all of the players cartoon faces on it.  I was thinking "man, that's cool, I remember that shirt, good for him."  I'm thinking it has to be 10 years minimum before dated shirts become cool again.
  • Dex and I were talking maybe 6 months ago how we would eventually leave Gaslamp Ball.  We agreed that our persona's would be secretly handed off to new apprentices like the Dread Pirate Roberts. No one would ever know.