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Game Thread: 7/9, Padres vs. Gigantes

You guys sure complain a lot when we forget to put up a Game Thread or put it up 3 hours late. I bet you complained when your professor didn't show up for class. Whining stuff like "We want to learn!" We had a name for you guys back in college: nerds. When my professor was late, I'd be counting down those 15 minutes so I could bail and do college stuff like throw a Frisbee in the courtyard, a keg stand at a frat house or trashcan a freshman.

Anyway here's your Game Thread, nerds.

Go Padres!

Current Series

4 game series vs Giants @ AT&T Park

San Diego Padres
@ San Francisco Giants

Thursday, Jul 9, 2009, 7:15 PM PDT
AT&T Park

Josh Geer vs Tim Lincecum

Mostly clear. Game time temperature around 60.

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Sat 07/11 6:05 PM PDT
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