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Gaslamp Ball Proclamation: Gaslamp Ball officially believes that Adrian Gonzalez does not need nor deserve a day off

Gaslamp Ball will occasionally provide endorsements and judgments in the world of baseball and beyond. Should Gaslamp Ballers need to cast a vote or require an official opinion, look for Gaslamp Ball Proclamations first to see what our official stance is. Thank you.

Adrian Gonzalez does not need a day off despite efforts to turn him into a little sissy pastry. You know who else takes days off from playing baseball? Little girls and babies. Does wittow baby need a nappy nap west po' da home wun contest? Is wittow baby tiowed? Yeah, when Gaslamp Ball gets mentally and physically exhausted from standing on first base, looking like Hollywood stars, we'll let you know, and you can put us on a buttered pan and bake us in the oven like a wet French pastry. And a wet French pastry is exactly what Adrian Gonzalez is if he takes a day off now. If Cal Ripken can toke up on speedballs and venti lattes, then Adrian Gonzalez can do the same thing.

Sack up, Sally. Take a nap on your own time.