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Does Adrian Gonzalez have Hollywood looks?

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Christian Petersen

USA Today: Unheralded Adrian Gonzalez is using heavy bat as calling card

Despite his Hollywood looks, star talent and impeccable image...

What kind of Hollywood movies is Bob Nightengale watching? This is the same guy that was gushing over Trevor Hoffman last year, remember that? He certainly has a type.

I don't think I've ever heard San Diego fans comment on Adrian's physical attractiveness before. Maybe it's because his good guy / serious image mask those rugged good looks. Maybe. Though I can't say much for the taste of Padres fans, they are so into our weird looking third basemen.

This pretty much says it all with regards to Gonzalez's personality.

"I think my mom fell in love with him before I did," says Betsy, who married Gonzalez in 2003.