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Scott Hairston traded to A's, Padres giving up on season

Scott Hairston is now an Oakland A and the Padres are proud owners of more minor league pitchers.

I seem to remember the Padres not being very good when Hairston was out on the DL for 16 games with that bicep injury. If I counted correctly, the Padres had a 5-11 record without him. Now there's even less of a reason to pitch to Adrian Gonzalez.

The fact that Hairston got choked up when he learned of his trade makes him a really endearing player and a little bit of a cry baby, but mostly an endearing player. He wanted to be in San Diego, that's more than you can say about a lot of other players. Guarantee we won't hear about Peavy getting choked up when he is eventually traded.

I understand the Padres have absolutely no chance of doing anything this year, hell everybody knows that except Heath Bell. The problem is that with Hairston gone, the chances of the Padres even threatening to score has just been reduced drastically.

The white flag of surrender is being flown above Petco Park. I see it now, the invitation for other teams to rape and pillage. Come one, come all.

  • A's get OF Hairston from Pads for minor leaguers - FOX Sports on MSN
    The A's have acquired outfielder Scott Hairston from the San Diego Padres for minor-league pitchers Ryan Webb, Craig Italiano and a player to be named later.

  • Paul DePodesta:
    While trading Scott is difficult and not without risk, especially given his excellent production this season, this move provides us with some young power arms with big upside - a real need for us - while also allowing for other young players to continue to amass Major League at-bats in our outfield.
  • Padres surprise Hairston in trade to A's | News

    That wasn't anything Hairston wanted to hear. He choked up when talking to reporters, especially when asked about his time in San Diego that began, ironically, in another July trade, this time in 2007 when he was acquired from the D-backs.

    "Around this time of year, you're always thinking 'what if.' It happens. I've got to do my job somewhere else," Hairston said. "I came here, they gave me a chance. That's all I can ask. I appreciate that. I'll always remember it.

    "It's not something that I wanted. But it doesn't matter what I want. Hopefully, I'll have the same kind of experience over there that I had here."

  • Hairston trade analysis " Another Padres Blog
    The A’s get more of a sure thing in Hairston, and he’ll likely start in their outfield for the next few years. The Padres pick up three less-proven guys, but gain some players and service time. We’ll see how it works out.

  • PADRES: Hairston traded to A's : North County Times - Californian 07-06-2009

    "We're looking for some good arms, and that's one thing I think we lack in our system is pitching depth," Towers said. "We really didn't want to give up Scotty. He's probably been our most clutch hitter the past couple of years as well as protection for Adrian (Gonzalez). For us, this is more of a move looking forward, beyond this year. We need some arms for us to be successful."

[Note by jbox, 07/06/09 8:39 AM PDT ]

A's fans saying the PTBNL is Sean Gallagher.