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Jon Heyman has reported and XX Sports Radio has confirmed that Jake Peavy has been traded for 4 pitchers:

  1. Clayton Richard
  2. Aaron Poreda
  3. Adam Russell
  4. Dexter Carter

XX Sports Radio: Barry Axelrod (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • Peavy's agent Barry Axelrod has confirmed that Peavy has been traded. Peavy agreed to the trade.
  • Jake Peavy is leaving because the Padres were continually trying to trade him. Padres kept telling him he had to be more open minded. The Chicago White Sox pursued him.

XX Sports Radio: Jake Peavy Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • Peavy's wife woke him up at 12:20 PST from a nap to talk to his agent and he approved the trade.
  • The Padres continually had meetings asking Peavy to be more open minded about leaving. The White Sox wanted him on their team and they continually pursued him. Padres told him that they had to trade him and it weighed on him. The White Sox wanted him three times more than the Padres and they wanted him even when he was hurt.
  • "I'm certainly not scared to pitch in the American League."
  • He's looking forward to pitching with Scott Linebrink and hopefully win a World Championship.
  • He doesn't want to sit through more seasons like the last two that the Padres.
  • Peavy is excited to be going to a team that is competing. The White Sox want to win.
  • Peavy didn't want to spend another Winter in limbo.
  • "Excited about the opportunity, love the city of Chicago"
  • He will be more excited later when he's on a plane after he says goodbye to his Padres teammates.
  • "The Padres organization gave me a chance as a 17 year old kid."
  • Peavy will keep his house in San Diego and his boys will be in school for the next year.
  • "I hope the fans understand."
  • "I never thought I'd see number 51 leave... It will be bitter sweet day for Padres fans. I'm sure some that will be upset about me leaving, but they've got the, in my mind, greatest Padre of all time, at least pitcher, coming back tonight and having a nice little tribute for him, so it should be awesome"
  • Was the decision to leave tought? "It's not tough, if I was a single man with no strings attached it would have been a lot easier"
  • "There are no hard feelings on my end. You sign up for one thing and obviously a lot changed from when I signed my deal."
  • "I've been so proud to be a Padre my whole life, but those days have come and gone now. You never know what will happen when, age 31, and I'm a free agent again and I can certainly see myself putting that uniform on again maybe one day down the road and maybe getting to finish my career the way I started it."
  • "I understand what had to be done from the Padres standpoint... I can promise my fans that it's not me choosing to leave, this was an inevitable day, whether it happened now or this winter... I knew I would not put on the uniform for the Padres next year and when you know that this decision today was easier because of that."
  • Peavy will pitch for the White Sox this season.
  • "I gave my heart and soul to this organization and I was so happy to do that. I belong elsewhere now."
  • It was made very clear to him that he had to be moved by the Padres Front Office. They moved him for financial reasons.
  • "It's a deal I'd like to think is going to benefit both teams"
  • "I'm not going to be shy in saying that it was made very clear to me that I had to be moved."
  • Peavy alludes to a deal where he could be with his family.
  • Peavy will probably cry in the Padres clubhouse, they are his family. "Life goes on. I'm a big boy about it."
  • Peavy told Phillip Rivers first about the trade.
  • He's excited about being able to compete again and have a chance to win and the White Sox have the ownership that can bring him a World Championship.