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GM Towers: Padres would need "very good ball players" in return for Adrian Gonzalez


XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers interview with Darren Smith

  • This is the one time of the year where all GM's talk trades.
  • Towers is trying to make the organization better whether that means making deals or not making deals.  The information that he gathers now may be very helpful in the winter time. 
  • "There's probably a pretty good chance we will make deals.  I don't know how big of deals.  There are some players currently on our ball club that aren't impact or marquee type guys, but are probably nice pieces for contending clubs for depth reasons.  I think there's a chance we'll make some of those moves.  Big impact deals?  I couldn't tell you right now."
  • Towers looks at other deals in order to get a framework and an idea of what type of talent you might get for a premium player.
  • The Market is conducive to a team that wants to sell.
  • Towers is not going to give odds on Adrian Gonzalez being moved.  He says it's "less likely" that he'll be moved but it might change in the next 48 hours.  A couple phone calls could change that.  Towers knows what it would take to move him, but he will only say "very good ball players".
  • There's been more calls about Heath Bell because this is a time when clubs try to boost their bullpen.  There are equal odds that one might be moved over the other.
  • In the winter the Padres will have to make a decision about third base.  Kevin Kouzmanoff has shown better defense and more power.  Towers hoped that Chase Headley would force their hand and replace Kouzmanoff at third base but he hasn't.  They will evaluate another few months.
    "Chase hasn't evolved into the major league hitter that we had hoped."
  • Ownership will have a hand in most moves.  
  • "Any moves that we make here or moves that we don't make have nothing to do with this years payroll.  I have not been given a payroll for next year.  These will be baseball deals."
  • On Adrian Gonzalez:   "I'm sure these last two years have been very difficult for him.  We have to do what we think is right for the organization.  Certainly myself...not because Adrian's unhappy or because he thinks he has a better chance to win some place else."
  • "My focus is on trying to make the San Diego Padres ball club a better ball club. I'm not trying to appease my players or their wants for the future."
  • Trade discussions that become public become very counter productive.  He won't say anything about the discussions with the Red Sox.  He'll trade within the division if it makes the club better.