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What's your favorite Padres Uniform?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the Padres uniforms. I'm a little scared of the new ownership rebranding the Padres and creating yet another new uniform, especially if they choose new colors. I would be in favor of returning to the more unique Brown and Yellow colors of yesteryear though.

The Union Tribune did a feature on the uniforms titled (Un)common Threads, where they talk about how fans are wearing everything from brown, orange, blue, yellow, gray, sand and camouflage to the ballpark. There's no solidarity and there may never be.

CEO Moorad chatted:

miatamx5: Will new uniforms be considered now that a new era of Padres baseball is upon us?

j_moorad: I'm a big fan of the Padres colors -- unlike Arizona, where we changed the colors completely, the only thing I'm open to is an occasional tweak to the designs.

COO Tom Garfinkel answered the question:

Q: Could we see a change in uniforms? A lot of fans don't like the present uniforms.

A: We can't change anything for 2010. The potential for adjustments beyond that, we're open-minded. The fans seem to like the traditional brown-and-yellow in terms of merchandise sales. I think it's part of our brand, part of our history. We might be looking toward some of the more traditional themes. The name of the city on the road uniform and the name of the team on the home uniform. Some like the very first Padres colors of red, white and blue. It fits with the city and our connection with the military.

Vote for your favorite uniform in the poll. These images are in the same order as the choices in the poll.

Images via Dressed to the Nines

Nl_1969_sandiego_medium Nl_1973_sandiego_medium Nl_1974_sandiego_medium Nl_1984_sandiego_medium Nl_1985_sandiego_medium Nl_1991_sandiego_medium Nl_2002_sandiego_medium Nl_2004_sandiego_medium