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Moores' "outside relationships" cause of divorce

Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton just wrote an article about John Moores' legacy as a Padres owner.  It's something I wanted to talk about at some point, because the Moores' family has done so much for the city of San Diego.  Some of it good and some of it bad.  They've donated millions to universities, charities and causes.  Moores rescued and built up the Padres franchise before burning it to the ground and skipping town with his special lady friend, leaving the organization under a mountain of stadium debt

It was bound to be brought up at some point as the divorce proceedings will likely begin before the end of the year, but to my knowledge this is the first time that John Moores' alleged infidelity has been brought up in the media.

But if you are keeping score at home, there are the darker final images of Moores’ tenure. The divorce proceedings and the outside relationships helped end a 44-year marriage and taint the success of the franchise.

I guess I assumed everybody knew that this was the primary reason for the divorce but I still hear fans blaming Becky Moores for the fall of the franchise as if she just wanted to cash out.  So with this information becoming more public I hope that at least people will cut her some slack when they are reminded nightly how fast a team can be dismantled when a casualty of divorce.