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CEO Moorad: "I don't expect fans to show up and support us unless they understand our plan"

XX Sports Radio: Jeff Moorad Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • The worst thing you can do to a fan base is tell them one thing and do something else. Moorad believed going into the year that they would exceed expectations. It's disappointing to him as well.
  • They are going to find out the factors that make a consistently winning baseball club and that's what they plan to do.
  • As the young players get more playing time we get to see what the future will look like.
  • Fans ask about the future.
    "Most fans know that we have a plan."
    They want to have a plan so they can compete each year with the chance of winning the NL West, anything can happen in the post season. The focus is on creating a significant revenue base and investing every last dollar into the product on the field.
  • The Padres financial condition is solid long term. The nation's economy has impacted the club as well as the team on field.
    "I don't expect fans to show up and support us unless they understand our plan and until they believe in it they aren't going to support it and I get that."
  • The Padres eliminated positions but they will be adding new positions to focus on revenue producing areas (ticket sales and corporate partnerships). More than 10 less than 20 employees were eliminated.
  • They chose not to touch the Baseball Operations side of the club, only Business Operations. They continue to evaluate the Baseball side.
  • "We've given Bud Black a vote of confidence". Moorad has talked to him personally about a 1 year extension.
    "Bud is not responsible for the state of the team today, I think he does a very good job with the players he given, I think a manager that thinks in the way that he does deserves a chance to continue to compete. If I thought the manager would make all the difference quite frankly I would have asked him to leave early in the year. Bud is the kind of manager that this team needs."
    A cycling effect is to blame for the team on the field. "Teams cycle up and teams cycle down."
  • Everybody is being evaluated and needs to be accountable. "I'm accountable as is everyone in the organization."
  • Moorad understands Adrian's comments about the possibility of him leaving.
  • Moorad wants to make the smartest long term decisions to win consistently going forward. "We've talked a lot about fan experience."
    "We recognize that putting a winning product on the field is the ultimate goal and it's not going to happen over night."
  • He hopes that they will increase payroll, but it will depend on Season Ticket renewals. If the support is there they will absolutely raise payroll. He believes in his heart in their plan.
    "Are you going to be there while we are growing and evolving or are you just going to wait for the final product? The reality is that fans have a choice, I understand and I respect that, but I certainly hope that they are involved in the growing process as well."
  • He hasn't talked to Moores in several weeks. He thinks he's frustrated too. "He hurts and bleeds Padres blue like the rest of us." "Obviously John has handed over the reigns."
  • "I ask you to believe in us, please believe - be patient - but believe. We have a plan we're committed to put the most consistently winning product on the field. It won't happen over night but I promise you it will happen."
  • He'd be disappointed if they didn't sign Donovan Tate. The good news is that if they don't sign him they get picks. "We'd rather invest the money and sign him." He's optimistic they will sign him and will be disappointed if they don't.