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Around the Mission: Padres Links 7/22

  • insidethepadres
    Might the Padres trade Adrian Gonzalez? Not a chance of it anytime soon, if soon means before October. And even in the offseason, he absolutely will not be going onto the trade block, says Jeff Moorad. The CEO didn't rule out listening to other clubs at some point this offseason, which only makes sense.

  • Gonzalez wants to stay, but ...
    "To a certain extent, I don't disagree with people who say the best thing for the Padres is to go out and get a bunch of people for me," said Gonzalez. "If you're looking at it from an ownership standpoint, I think there's a lot to it, just because of where the team is and everything. "Would I want to be traded? No. Is it to a team that has a chance to win the World Series? I'd have to be intrigued by it. Know what I mean?"

  • PADRES: Padres have more reason to peddle : North County Times - Californian 07-22-2009
    "This time of the year, before July 31st, this is not just happening in San Diego, it happens around baseball," Towers said Sunday. "Here is no different than probably any other place. We're (23) games out of first place. These players are smart enough to realize when you're 20 games out of first place, with the injuries we have, these types of moves will happen."

  • Gonzalez Would Like Strategic Off-Day
    Yes, we know that Gonzalez is a few games short of tying and passing Steve Garvey for the Padres consecutive-games played record of 305 that doesn't honestly hold any significance, reverence or meaning to Padres fans or any National baseball records.

  • Friar Forecast
    "Gonzalez will be paid approximately $12 million through 2011, when his current contract expires. During that time period, I expect him to be worth about 10 WAR, or $54 million worth of production as a free agent. So his surplus value, which is simply market value minus actual salary, is about $41 million."

  • Padres tap into Venezuelan market
    "I know that every single one of the guys from Venezuela on our team hugged him," Padres manager Bud Black said before Monday's game.

  • Blanks nails first homer as Friars fall | News
    Chad Gaudin tossed a quality start, allowing three runs in six innings of work, but he got little run support on Tuesday.

  • Geer ready for first look at Marlins | News
    Josh Geer will face unfamiliar foes on Wednesday at PETCO Park when he takes on the Marlins for the first time in his career.

  • Friars' Eckstein plans to return this weekend | News
    It doesn't appear that Padres second baseman David Eckstein will need a few games in the Minor Leagues to test his right hamstring before returning.

  • Avenging Jack Murphy: 2003 Trades and 2009 Trades: A Common Thread
    If the Padres rarely hold a lead entering the 9th inning and the expected outcome shall remain the same for the foreseeable future....why use financial resources on a human resource that doesn't get used?