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Moon Landing Colbert Home Run a Hoax!

Went to the game tonight, here are some thoughts:

  • They had video of Nate Colbert talking about how he hit a home run vs. Atlanta on July 20th. The crowd in Atlanta cheered and he thought they were cheering for him, but they were really cheering because the video board said that man landed on the moon. If that's true than why does Baseball Reference say that the score was 0-10 Atlanta? I'll tell you why... it's a hoax!
  • Bob Chandler's Book "Tales from the San Diego Padres" tells the same story of Colbert on Pages 38 and 39.
  • You know that game "Name that Friar", the clue was seriously something like "Fr_d Har_is" It was only missing two letters. Can somebody back me up on this? Are they just giving away that Jerome's furniture now?
  • People say such horrible things about Pad Squad Carrie, but if they could just see her throw a foam squishy ball, I'm sure they'd come around. She has a cannon for an arm. Her delivery is flawless, she can put a foam ball into the second deck with ease. They don't need those sling shots with that golden arm. It looks effortless, easy gas. I don't think I've even seen a male Pad Squadder put one up there. When she put that ball on a line into the Toyota Terrace the crowd audibly gasped, they knew they were seeing something special.
  • This nice family of a Mom and Dad, three daughters and one son sat in front of us. The son freaked out when his mom was about to sit next to him. He seriously started complaining to his Dad about how dumb his Mom was. It was shocking, because neither parent reacted at all, except for the Dad to tell his wife to leave the kid alone. WTF? A few minutes later they were sharing peanuts. Those were some special magic peanuts that they have at Petco, they bring families together. I gave the family mine from my 5 for $5, hoping to further solidify their relationship.
  • The guy at the concession window told me what a good guy I was. I have no idea what I did to impress him, but I like the cut of his jib.
  • I thought that was a great play by Everth Cabrera, you know the one I'm talking about. The dive into left field then gunning out the runner from like 200 ft. Did it look as impressive on television? You tell me.
  • The video board showed a lady adjusting her breasts. She looked up and saw she was on the video board and was horrified as the crowd started laughing.