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Rumor: Adrian Gonzalez to Boston

Just heard on twitter about this rumor:

  • Ball is in Dodgers’ court - The Boston Globe
    "I’ve never been to Fenway Park,’’ Gonzalez said, "but I’m told I would like hitting there.’’ Gonzalez, a durable player, could be traded at the deadline if Padres general manager Kevin Towers gets the right deal. The Red Sox have always liked Gonzalez, who is only 27 and who has an affordable contract that calls for him to earn $4.75 million next season and $5.5 million in 2011.
  • Opinion... Trade Adrian Gonzalez? It Could Happen
    Moorad said on Monday there is "no chance" the Padres will trade Gonzalez leading up to the July 31 trade deadline. Will the Padres put Gonzalez on the trade block after the season? "No way, no way," Moorad said.
  • Boston Globe: Adrian Gonzalez a Good Fit For Red Sox - MLB Daily Dish
    I would imagine Towers is not actively pursing offers for Gonzalez, but if the Red Sox came along with the right deal I'm sure he'd listen. Unfortunately for Theo Epstein it's likely everyone who speaks to him is going to demand at least one of his young pitchers, and Epstein doesn't seem inclined to deal any of them.

  • Gaslamp Ball - Towers interviewed on XX Sports 7/16/09
    Towers wants to use the next two months to really evaluate which young guys they want to commit to. In the off season they will listen to offers for Gonzalez, Bell and Peavy.