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Random Padres Thoughts

  • On the night of the Moon landing in 1969, the Padres lost to Atlanta 0-10. Why don't we get a National Holiday for the Moon Day?  Columbus gets a day and Moon landing doesn't?  Haven't we learned from Brian Regan that the Moon tops everything else.
  • After seeing Edgar Gonzalez injured by that bean ball to the head, I wonder why players aren't wearing more protective helmets.  Isn't it about time that the MLB got some Kevlar combat helmets on the field.  I'm not sure those plastic helmets are doing much good if they are only reducing the force of the ball by 30%.  I want to see players wearing helmets that can stop a bullet.
  • I wish managers wouldn't even let these consecutive game streaks get started.  They become bigger than the outcome of the game at some point and that really shouldn't happen.  When Ripken's streak was threatened  with the strike, the Baltimore owner said he'd rather not field a team than have replacement players break the streak.  Ugh. The first time I heard someone say "Hey I've played 30 games in a row..." he'd ride the pine.  I'm not impressed by perfect attendance awards or consecutive game streaks, especially when they are playing just to get the record.  Nevin was questioning Gonzalez last night on the pre-game show about whether he would want the streak or to hold the home runs in a season record.  Gonzalez said both would be nice.  He just kept saying "I want to play", the Padres need to stage an intervention because he is addicted to baseball.  Hopefully XX1090 will post a link later.
  • One of my friends said that Mike Ekstrom was pitching bottle caps to little leaguers earlier in the week.
  • I'm going to the game tonight and I'm kinda dreading it.  Does that make me a bad fan?  Yes.
  • People were making GI Joe jokes about Adrian and Edgar being similar to Tomax and Xomat, where one brother feels the others pain. Adrian said of Edgar being hit: "I just felt like I lost all my strength. I tried to get up to go outside and I felt like I might fall to the ground if I got up, so I just stayed in the chair." I thought this reminded me of those old Time Life book commercials from the 80's where someone suddenly gets a pain in their hand and finds out that their long lost twin cut their fingers off on a table saw.
  • I'm still reading Cooperstown Confidential it's a good book, I've learned that Babe Ruth was the first black man in the Hall of Fame.  As long as Dex doesn't want it back, I think I'll add it to the Gaslamp Ball prize pack that we are going to hide somewhere in town and tweet it's location on Twitter.  I've been driving around with this prize pack forever and need to put it out soon. Hint Hint.