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Around the Mission: 7/20 Padres Links

  • XX Sports Radio: Mat Latos Interview (MP3)
    Latos discussed getting the call and his nerves before his 1st MLB start.
  • Ducksnorts: Will I Lose My Sight if I Watch, or Just My Lunch?
    "Once upon a time, the rapid ascent of Latos would have bothered me a lot. Now I am less certain of what I once thought I knew. Keeping him in the minors might be the safer move, but I’m not sure it’s the better move."

  • Meredith for Salazar :: Friar Forecast
    "All else equal, this move actually makes good baseball sense. The Padres have a lot of guys who are either Meredith’s equal or better."

  • Eckstein Close
    "Of the many Padres players that Edgar Gonzalez will be joining on the disabled list, the one deemed closest to a return is second baseman David Eckstein, whose 15-day stint is due to expire Wednesday. Eckstein said he has been putting the hamstring to the test over the past few days and is confident he can return to action soon."

  • 619 Sports - Padres
    "If Latos is good enough to be in the big leagues, he should be here. If the Padres want to develop a starter while nursing his innings, they should do that in the minor leagues. You can't have it both ways, but apparently the Padres will try with Latos."