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Krasovic has a plan to fix the Padres

We were bummed out when the UT let go of Tom Krasovic, but now he has a blog!

Inside the Padres

He also writes for  Here's his most recent article where he makes a plan for the Padres.

A Blueprint for Padres Rebuilding

I love a good opening line.

There may not be a less-talented team in the major leagues today than the San Diego Padres.

Here's his plan, he goes into detail in the article:

  • Make the most out of every dollar, since they will be scarce
  • Find out the trade value of first-baseman Adrian Gonzalez and closer Heath Bell.
  • Clear the way for Chase, and challenge Forsythe.
  • Go after more amateur pitchers with high upside.
  • Get to know University of Southern California football coach Pete Carroll.
  • Get hitters who load their swing
  • Take advantage of geography
  • Tell it like it is.