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Edgar Gonzalez beaned in the head - carted off field

Edgar Gonzalez carted off after scary injury | News

Gonzalez turned his right shoulder trying to get out of the way of the pitch when it hit him on the side of the helmet. Gonzalez went down in a heap as the Padres medical staff came rushing to home plate.

Buddy Black says that Edgar is getting a CAT scan at Scripps Memorial.  He was conscious, but extremely dizzy and his ears were ringing.  He was aware of what was happening.  Adrian Gonzalez accompanied his brother to the hospital.

He had two hits prior to being hit.

FSN's Sports Science tells us that a 5 oz. bean ball hits with 2400 lbs of force.  Watch how the helmet absorbs the pitch at 3:50. A helmet absorbs 30% of the force.