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GM Towers: "We are virtually playing with a $15 million team out there."

XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • Padres fan won't see Scott Patterson for awhile. Maybe in September we'll see Chad Huffman
  • Towers liked how Padres battled in games and never gave up in the first half, he hopes that continues.  Chase Headley, Will Venable and Kyle Blanks will get a lot of AB's.  Tim Stauffer's velocity is back.  Mat Latos will be here sooner rather than later. 
  • Towers thinks we have attractive players for trading to other clubs.  The Padres will be active sellers.  "We could be a buyer in some instances."  There will be some more moves before July 31st.
  • Eckstein, Giles, Blanco, Correia, Guadin, Adams and Meredith are the experienced players that might be moved.  It's doubtful that they will pick up a salaried player.
  • Trading Giles would be tough.  "I doubt anything will happen before July 31st".  There could still be a deal before rosters expand.  "It may never happen with Brian and of course we'd have to get his okay".
  • Jake going to the doctor today.
  • Chris Young had a second MRI this past week and there is still inflammation.  He's a week or so away from playing catch.  Two or three weeks before he's pitching in a rehab assignment.
  • Nick Hundley is coming along slower than they anticipated.  Hundley is 2-3 weeks before he does rehab as well.
  • "We've got almost  $28-29 million on the DL right now, we are virtually playing with a $15 million team out there. That's tough, when you go up against large market clubs."
  • Injuries provide opportunity for younger players, hopefully they step up.
  • Towers wants to use the next two months to really evaluate which young guys they want to commit to.  In the off season they will listen to offers for Gonzalez, Bell and Peavy.  You can't win with 1 or 1 1/2 star players, it's virtually impossible to start winning again.  They may have to follow Florida's example of rebuilding their club.  It will be hard on fans and the team, but ultimately fans want to win.
  • Moves will happen in the off season because they'll need Major League ready talent and contending clubs most likely will only talk about prospects during the season.