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Bochy will get a Mohawk if Giants win 10 straight

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The Giants are bonding with the help of hair clippers.  Brian Wilson started the new clubhouse fad, the Mohawk. Juan Uribe and Sergio Romo followed suit. 

Bochy says if the Giants win 10 in a row after the All Star break that he'll be the next in line.

"Can you imagine this thing shaved, with the size of my head?" the manager says, pointing to his famously prominent noggin.

It sounds like so much fun to have a winning team.  The clubhouse games, the grab ass, the jokes... sigh.

Meanwhile, Adrian Gonzalez gives his annual post All Star reality check.  He believes the Giants are going to make the playoffs.

"They're going to make the playoffs," San Diego Padres first baseman Adrian Gonzalez says. "After that, it will depend on how well they hit."

Last year he gave this quote:

...asked if he thought the team still could muster a run for the playoffs.

"Yeah," Adrian Gonzalez replied, just half an hour after another defeat put the club 20 games under .500. "If we win 30 straight games."

Asked if that was realistic, the well-mannered first baseman never responded, appearing dumbfounded by the inanity of the question as he looked into the TV cameraman's lights.

I wonder if we can count on Adrian to get a Mohawk if we win 30 straight.