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Towers: 50-50 chance Peavy misses rest of season

Padres going with youth in second half

"I think it's 50-50 if Jake will pitch again this season," Padres General Manager Kevin Towers said this week as he projected the second half of the Padres season.

"We'll know more when he comes out of the cast. I can't speak for Jake, but I'd much rather have him ready for 2010 than risking more serious injury by coming back too early this year."

Peavy's done for the year, I can't see the team risking further injury by trying to bring him back early.  There's nothing to gain for the Padres at this point.  They need him healthy in the off season so that they can trade him.

Everybody who isn't injured and doesn't have the name Adrian or Heath is on the trading block.  I hope they trade each and every one of them. I'm so sick of this team.

A contender seeking pitching might have interest in Kevin Correia, Chad Gaudin or Cla Meredith, who are all eligible for arbitration after this season.

And there's always interest in a veteran such as Eckstein or catcher Henry Blanco, although both are injured and also respected veteran presences in the clubhouse. The Padres would like to move third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff and right fielder Brian Giles, but their offensive production is down, which could limit suitors.