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Adrian Gonzalez, Home Run Derby Champ in our hearts

So Adrian was less than impressive at the Home Run Derby. Cest la vie. Apparently, he really did need extra rest.

His travels to St. Louis had been troublesome, allowing him only 2 1/2 hours of sleep and forcing him to drive a rented minivan to town after flying into Indianapolis.

Jeez! What was Adrian doing driving? Was there no one else to drive?

The connecting flight was late from Las Vegas and the two Padres teammates were forced to rent the van. Bell refused to drive for fear of getting a speeding ticket, so Gonzalez found himself hustling down the highway to St. Louis, barely making it in time for the pre-workout press conferences.

So there you have it. Heath Bell, once again thinking about what's best for Heath Bell, makes Adrian Gonzalez drive the rented minivan on the night that the world should have been introduced to Adrian Gonzalez. 

Adrian: "Heath. We gotta rent a minivan to make it in time. Do you want to drive?"

Heath: "I don't wanna drive, man. I might go too fast and get a speeding ticket."

Adrian: "I've only slept 2 1/2 hours. I'd like to take a nap before the home run derby."

Heath: "Speeding tickets are really expensive."