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Open Thread, 7/12: Padres vs Giants

I'm not sure if a win today is even possible, but I figure at the very least, we'll have each other, though I'm not sure what that does for us either. Part of me figures, even with our payroll as low as it is, these guys must be pretty decent at baseball. Also, I figure that if they were trying to win, they'd be able to win a game every now and then, which they can't.

Therefore, my only conclusion is that they're not trying at all. They're trying to lose. Since it's our job to support them, I'm actively rooting against them. Actually, that's masochistic. I think what I'll actually do is watch the game until they get a lead and then turn it off and imagine that they won the game. That's a good goal. Get a lead at some point in the game.



Will the Padres have a lead at any point in today's game?

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  • 35%
    Heck no, unless by "lead" you mean a clue to solve a mystery, in which case, maybe.
    (28 votes)
  • 64%
    Heck yeah, unless by "lead" you mean having more points than the other team, in which case no.
    (50 votes)
78 votes total Vote Now