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Padres hitless against Jonathan Sanchez

Sanchez never even had a complete game and he just no hit the Pads.  He had a career high 11 strikeouts.  It would have been a perfect game if not for an error by Juan Uribe

It was first no hitter for the Giants since 1976 and the first time the Padres were no hit since 2001.  The Padres have had some horrible offensive teams in the last few years, I'm surprised it took as long as it did to no hit them again.

The Padres should be ashamed and embarrassed.  Yesterday they were hitless the first 6 innings of  the game vs. Lincecum and then tonight they never really came close to hit, except for Edgar's near home run against the center field fence.

I don't want to take anything away from Sanchez, but the Padres are playing like a bunch losers and looked lifeless at the plate and in the dugout.  They had it coming. They are the worst.

Tim Stauffer is starting Saturday's game, we're going to need his bat.